2018-09-28 16:58:45
Bioraytron's new UV-C LED package enhances light extraction efficiency and accelerates UV-C LED deep UV sterilization market
BioOpto Japan 2017 was exhibited in Tokyo from October 4th to October 6th, 2017. It was thought to be held in the ninth. Yanjing is one of the well-known UV LED and infrared LED manufacturers. With years of experience, it specializes in close cooperation with chip manufacturers, package product development and optical design. It combines these three main advantages to develop UV LED and infrared LED products. LEDinside had the opportunity to interview General Manager Wei Zhihong at BioOpto Japan 2017 to share the current progress of research and development in deep UV LED technology. Bioraytron B35 UV-C LED Series 3535 package is based on UV-C LED wafer light pattern and package material characteristics, using the most advanced high-purity quartz optical lens with high heat dissipation copper substrate packaging technology architecture, effective Improve the external light extraction efficiency (Light Extraction Efficiency) of the package. At the same time, it can be matched with three kinds of illumination angles of 120°/90°/60°. It can be designed for different sterilization applications and achieve the most effective sterilization illumination (mW/cm2) and dosage requirements in the wavelength range of 265-275nm/275-285nm. B35 UV-C LED products are currently introducing mainstream 20mA-150mA drive current products. The optical power output power range is 2mW-20mW, and the current maximum is 20mW. It is expected to introduce 350mA and polycrystalline packages at the end of 2017, and the output power is greater than 100mW to join the series. B35 UV-C LEDs provide customers with easier design of module products and can effectively shorten sterilization time at the same time. High price-to-price ratio products will accelerate the popularization of UV-C LEDs. Bioraytron is a joint venture between Optoelectronics and Yanjing, which establishes vertical integration of deep UV LEDs, from epitaxial wafer and wafer production, focusing on the sales of UV-C LED packages and module related products. General Manager Wei Zhihong said that the terminal brand manufacturers also regard UV-C LED as a value-added product promotion. Therefore, in 2017, a number of static water and air sterilization and purification products can be seen, which will rapidly push up the market demand for UV-C LED products, and the price. It will also fall at USD 1-3/mW to stimulate more market demand and products. At the same time, it can be seen that brands and suppliers are actively testing UV-C LED products in the mobile water sterilization and purification market. . At present, Bioraytron UV-C LED sterilization products have been successfully introduced into the consumer and consumer industries, including home appliances, food processing, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils and 3C and health industry; in 2018, it will enter the household water filtration and medical sterilization, industrial and high-tech water Sterilization industry related industries.