Different from the bulky size of traditional mercury lamps, LED small size, long service life, high power efficiency, will be the best choice for your product application design.

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  • UVC sterilization
    Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and molds use buds or spores to reproduce life. Irradiation with UVC light (ultraviolet light) will change its DNA into harmless and non-proliferating ability, and even death, to achieve a bactericidal effect.
  • Air & Surface Sterilization
    When microorganisms are exposed to UVC light, light passes through the cell wall to destroy the structure of their DNA (the highest peak absorption wavelength of 265-270 nm), causing them to stop breeding.
  • Water sterilization
    The wavelength suitable for sterilization in water can be controlled. For example, Escherichia coli, the optimum effective wavelength for disinfection in water is 275 nm. And because of its small size, UVC LEDs can be extended infinitely through the arrangement, breaking the length limit of the long glass tube.
  • Home-based aseptic life
    From childhood, young adults, and even the elderly, the degree of use this linkhttps://www.expeditionpleinair.com/deja-initieexplanationread more resistance varies, and it is easy to cross-infect. The bacteria that are contaminated from the outside are disinfected by UVC, giving the family a safe haven.
  • Drinking water quality safety
    According to the World Health Organization, the number of deaths due to water-borne diseases is as high as 3.2 million per year worldwide, accounting for about 6% of all deaths. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of our drinking water, we can drink healthy and harmless water source anytime, anywhere. UVC ultraviolet sterilization is the most direct and convenient way to sterilize water.
  • Infant and child perimeter protection
    After the traditional steam sterilization, the excess water is removed by a drying process to avoid moisture and bacteria. Using UVC sterilization requires only one program of sterilization, no need to worry about the plastic material to produce toxins when heated.
  • Medical non-toxic check
    Disinfection and cleaning of medical equipment is a problem that cannot be neglected in the medical process. Once the wound in the operation is infected by medical equipment, a fatal danger will occur. In the future, UVC ultraviolet light will make medical sterilization more convenient and time-saving.